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Increase Restaurant Sales and Elevate Your Presentation

Most people eat with their eyes first.  A perfect restaurant experience is about more than just the smell and taste of the food and most avid diners expect a visual feast when they go out to eat. 


This means that social media can be your best friend or your  worst enemy. Customers are typically visually pleased when microgreens elevate the plate and it is easy for them to take out their phones, take photos, and share them with their friends and families or tag your business on social media.  Too may times we've seen pictures in reviews with wilted lettuce or ugly garnish.   We can help make sure that never happens to your business.

How We Can Help

Try Our Microgreens Free For 1 Week

Try our microgreens free for a week. Then you can decide for yourself.  Use the form below to inquire on our restaurant microgreens menu, pricing and to receive free microgreens for a week.

  • Infuse subtle new flavors and textures into your dishes and enrich the visual appeal of dishes

  • Communicate the quality that your restaurant brings to the table

  • Elevate the entire dish

  • Replace boring garnish that most don't like with beautiful edible garnish

  • Entice children or other picky eaters to sample new foods

  • We offer 12 + types of microgreens to select from

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